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Hi Custom Craft boat lovers,


my name ist Matthias and I'm from Germany. I'm registered here a long times ago, but I had not visited also a long time this page :-(

The reason is, my boat, a Custom Craft Sting Ray, ist to many years not in used because my Outboardengine was damaged. I'm used a rubber dinghy in this time ;-)

Now I have a question, can someone tell me where is the recommended position in my Sting Ray for the battery and the fuel tank? Earlier I had the battery in the bow and fuel tank in stern. Maybe it's not so good for the trim? I hop trim is the right word what I mean.




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Hi Matthias,

I've always had the battery in the stearn on the opposite side from the steering wheel. I usually keep the fuel back there also, unless I'm running by my self or for speed, then I move it up front. They are very sensitive to trim and balance since they are so small and light weight, so you may need to play around a little with positioning and trim.

Power trim is a big plus for these boats. ;)

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