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 Finished the deck on my Sunray yesterday, its perfectly smooth. The hull has some serious waves in the cove sections that are bad, both sides. Has to be taken down to bare glass obviously but curious what others have used to remedy this. Don't want to use filler, first bump its history. My thoughts are to build up layers of glass matte and sand the heck out of it to get it smooth. Done lots of glass work but trying to find an easier method. Any ideas??   

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Yes, Get the bumps or bubbles out and fill with mat. You can do up to three or four layers at a time without "cooking" it. Then fair and sand as usual. I also did this for the sole, so there would be no hard or brittle spots before foaming.

You shouldn't have to "sand the heck out of it", I just roll it flat or slightly below the surface before fairing.



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