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These windshield are all NOS (New Old Stock) Factory windshields.


Pictures can by found here:

New Old Stock Windshields


The Custom Craft and the tilt windshield are glass. There are some CC in frames that are Plexiglas. All the rest are Plexiglas. There are 30 windshields for 17' MFG boats. Some misc windshields that measure 70" - 72" tip to tip. I'm not sure what these fit.


Asking $150 each, local pick up. I could probably ship the Plexiglas ones, but not the glass ones. I'll get shipping quotes if anyone needs them.





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Here is the most recent list of the CC Windshields that I have:



7 - CC Glass, 72" tip to tip, 68" channel to channel, marked 5-10


6 - CC Glass, 68" tip to tip, 64" channel to chanel, marked 5-7



5 - CC Plexiglass, 70" tip to tip, 66" chanel to chanel



8 - CC Plexiglass, 72" tip to tip, 68" chanel to chanel



I believe the 72" is the one that goes on the Sun Ray. It matches the template that was sent to me by Kevin.


I'm guessing that the 68" go on the Tiger Ray and possibly the Aqua Ray.



5 - 72" Glass tilt windshields, These fit on the Custom Craft Flying Ray.

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Hi, are any of these windshields still available and if so who do I contact to get one.  Thanks

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We still have windshields, contact me through the site, we are all out of the smaller ones though. Sorry. :(

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