Custom Craft Registry Custom Craft Registry 1960 Sting Ray 1959 or '60 Sting Ray, it has the brass rivets attaching the deck to the hull so it has to be an early one. No ID numbers, but if it had them they would be on the splash-well. ;) 139622566 CC List as of 10-17-11 140536943 1964 CC Aqua Ray A barn find from Newfane, NY. Believed used one year before I purchased it in 2007. Photo from 2010 ACBS show in Hammondsport, NY. #19 is the boat designation in the parade, not the 19th hole! 140946795 1964 Custom Craft 14 foot 6 inches. I was told this is a sunray but i'm not so sure. 155769834 '64 Sting Ray Hin# 14 3 2732 SR 157147351 1960? Stingray Has not seen water since 1976. Current restoration project 161444848