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................. Project x was an idea born by mark genaux (houston), after hearing of john gibsons nephew, michaels medical problem. Mark wanted to present mike's family with a boat at fg first norteast meet that they could restore and bring to our northeast meet the following year.(hence the name project). I got carried away with it and somehow it turned out I wanted a runner that they could enjoy immediately. We had numerous highs and lows the last couple of weeks and some of you said don't give up, something good will come of this. well, it did. Tim Calmes came across this boat . It belonged to his doctors receptionist who had it for sale. She practically told him to take it away. We got the arrow glass for a great price. Tim made some repairs to the boat and got it ready for presentation. All with a broken arm. Those that have offered their help with this project whether through cash donations, labor, or outfitting this boat are : mark genaux, tim calmes, dave albertson, john gibson, gary simpson, bob beers, rich neuland, pete hain, jim whaley, brian eslip, denise goodwin, rod burkholder, al and sandi morris, eric r., sandi wood. Special thanks to corrine hurst (woodboat). corrine's initial donation, fueled the excitement for project x. The efforts of jim whaley (alumaglass,) kept us on our toes. A week didn't pass that jim didn't email me 5 or 6 ebay boats to look into. jim, thanks for your efforts. We will present the boat and title, over to mike on 8/13 at our northeast meet at raystown lake , pa. we are hoping for a good turnout. This is something i've never experienced before, and i have to tell you that i'm overjoyed. THIS SPEAKS WONDERS .FOR ALL OF US HERE AT FIBERGLASSICS that an idea like project x could be brought to reality. If a project like this should ever develop again, you won't have to look far for your first supporter. you can count me in. I have to mention there wasn't a dry eye there. Any further donations received after this is posted, i'll be sure to mention your names. NJ RON







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